Big changes have come to Ontario with the election of Doug Ford’s PC majority government. Whether you are an individual among the majority of Ontarians who rejected his agenda or you are an organization concerned about the proposed changes and cuts, here is where you can keep track in order to fight back. Even if you are waiting to see more of what the government does first, do that here. The goal and approach of this site is simple: to track the Ford government’s policy and actions so we have an easy-to-access chronological reference of what is going on.

There are three main parts to this site:

1. Links to articles describing Doug Ford’s and the PC Government’s daily announcements and actions. Rather than try to do too much with limited resources, the focus is to simply curate links to form a chronology of the changes and cuts he puts forth. These will be updated each weekday as announcements and proposals are made.

2. Links to opinion pieces. While the focus of this site is tracking rather than editorial, some context from opinion pieces will also be added.  These will always be noted with (opinion) and be at the bottom of each daily entry. I’m also hoping to occasionally write and/or record audio commentary once the site is in full swing.

3. “Ford This Week” – a short summary (one or two paragraphs) of the Ford Government’s actions and activities. I will summarize the week that was each Saturday (starting August 11, 2018).


—Darren P, fordtracker.ca coordinator.